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Experience F.E.N.I.X. Yoga with Brandy and discover the power of mindful movement!

I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been passionate about bringing the healing power of yoga to everyone and I look forward to sharing with you the insights I’ve learned along the way. Browse below to learn more about my yoga practice.



(Free Energy Nurturing Incredible Xenophiles)  


What is F.E.N.I.X. Yoga?

F.E.N.I.X. is accessible yoga for all levels in a judgement-free environment.

We teach mindful movement and guided breath exercises to change and grow your life.

We challenge the body to meet the mind, and challenge the mind to realize its highest ambitions.

Together, we are F.E.N.I.X., rising from the ashes in a victorious blaze of glory to our truest, most powerful selves!

One practice, one day, one breath at a time. Free Energy Nurturing Incredible Xenophiles makes yoga accessible and transformational for every student. 

Why Yoga?

Yoga saves and heals lives. In research supported by the National Institute of Health, it is shown that ten weeks of yoga practice markedly reduced the PTSD symptoms of patients who had failed to respond to any medication or to any other treatment. Consistent yoga practice can improve: flexibility, strength, balance, posture, range of motion, weight management, and pain management. Mental benefits increase immensely with breathing techniques, meditation, cleansing practices, journaling, writing, prayer or mantra.


F.E.N.I.X. Yoga with Brandy is dedicated to cultivating self-care practices that inform and guide students to healthy resources for happier lives. We provide mindful movement and breath exercises that bring the body, mind, and spirit into union. There is a path to total wellness through the education and practice of yoga. 

Yoga practice is much more than making cool shapes with the body and being uber flexible.

Yoga invites us to take a meditative seat and be here now.

Embrace this journey of connectedness with an open heart and mind.

This is the gift that keeps on giving. 


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